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Common Dental Emergencies and First Aid

At Hale Bowdon Dental Practice we see all kinds of common dental emergencies and first aid for damaged teeth and gums, and we understand the pain and discomfort that oral health emergencies can cause.

In this article we’ll look at some of the most common dental emergencies – if you suffer from anything on this list, get in touch by calling 0161 9281212 and we will aim to give you an emergency dentist appointment within 24 hours!

Tooth Pain

General tooth pain is one of the most common dental emergencies. The sharp, intense pain of a damaged, decayed, or infected tooth is something most people experience at some point in their life, but that doesn’t make it any more bearable. If you’re in pain from your teeth, book an emergency dentist appointment so you don’t have to cope with it long-term.

Swollen Face and Gums

Swelling in the face and gums is often a sign of infection and may indicate hidden tooth decay. Whether or not your swollen face and gums are painful, you should make it a priority to get a professional opinion so that you can undergo any appropriate treatment to cure the infection before permanent nerve damage occurs at the roots of your teeth.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums or any amount of blood from your mouth is a sign of a potentially serious oral health condition, such as gum disease. It’s crucial to get a dental professional to take a look, and in cases of persistent or substantial bleeding from the mouth, we would suggest getting in touch for an emergency dentist appointment, as this is not something you should allow to persist for any longer than necessary.

Broken Teeth

Chipped teeth, cracked teeth and broken teeth all need immediate attention to check for further damage and to take appropriate action to restore your smile and protect your surviving teeth, gums and mouth. We can book you in for an inspection and recommend suitable methods to eliminate any pain and give you a straight, natural-looking smile again.

Lost Fillings

You might know when you’ve lost a filling either because you notice it come loose, or because of the pain of having an exposed cavity. If you’re experiencing discomfort due to a lost filling, emergency dental treatment can quickly refill the hole, preventing any further painful stimulation of the exposed nerve.

Lost Crown

A lost crown can be uncomfortable and easily visible as it exposes the gap in your teeth and the old, reshaped tooth or retaining implant. Emergency dentist services can fit a temporary crown as a short-term solution until a permanent replacement can be installed.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!