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– Root Canal Treatment –

Teeth are susceptible to infection when they suffer accidental trauma or severe dental decay. Fortunately, in these scenarios there is a way to eliminate the infection and restore the health of your tooth: root canal treatment.

Benefits of root canal treatment:

  • Stop a dental infection spreading
  • Protect your oral health
  • Tackles unpleasant symptoms associated with dental infections

How it works

The first step is to inspect the amount of infected matter present and to identify how advanced the infection is. In cases where the infection has affected the deepest layers of pulp, or where a significant portion of the tooth has been lost, an extraction may need to be performed.

The good news is that in many cases, root canal treatment will save a tooth. Attending routine dentist appointments and coming to see us when you notice concerning symptoms will give your tooth a fighting chance should it become infected.

Once the root canals have been cleaned out, a crown can be made to go over the top of the tooth. This will ensure it has its natural aesthetic back, and allow you to perform the oral functions you need to day-to-day.

Symptoms of an infected tooth

In many cases, there are no symptoms. However, the following can be common when a tooth is infected:

  • Your tooth is a greyish shade – this is because the tissues within it are dying
  • Pain and sensitivity
  • A bad taste in your mouth

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