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– Teeth Whitening –

Teeth Whitening has grown in popularity over the last few years, making it one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry services. 20 years ago teeth whitening was only available to celebrities as it was so expensive, but here at Hale Bowden, we can now achieve that flawless, polished finish from as little as £299!
We offer multiple treatment options for teeth whitening, from the Boutique Home-Whitening kit that allows you to get everything you need to get those pearly whites at home. If you’d prefer to do the whitening in-house then we offer our Zoom in House Whitening, which entails a course of 15-minute intervals of laser whitening. Or have a combination of the two with in-house and home whitening with our Enlighten Whitening package.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

  • Improves Self-Confidence
  • Removes years of staining and discolouration
  • Look and feel younger
  • Always look your best!

Boutique Whitening

In the Boutique Whitening Pack, you will receive everything you need for the whitening process, excluding the trays.

  1. You will visit our practice where we will check to make sure you’re dentally fit and then map your teeth layout using 3D imaging, this will be then sent off to the laboratory where they will design your trays.
  2. Whilst you’re waiting for the trays to be sent to our practice, you can be using the extra-sensitive whitening toothpaste to polish your teeth to kickstart the process and prep your teeth.
  3. Collect your custom fitting trays when they arrive and you can then use the whitening gel to start your teeth whitening journey.
  4. After two to three weeks you’ll be able to see your new beautiful smile.
Boutique Teeth Whitening
Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom Whitening

In the Zoom In-House Whitening, we will utilise ultraviolet lasers and our whitening gel in a 90-minute session to gift a smile that will make everyone jealous. (6 shades lighter)

  1. Arrange for a check-up to make sure you’re dentally fit and then we will arrange an appointment for your teeth whitening procedure.
  2. On the day of your appointment; we will start with applying the Zoom whitening gel onto your teeth.
  3. A ultraviolet light is then applied to activate the whitening gel for 15-minute intervals.
  4. The whitening gel will penetrate into the teeth and stays active for many hours giving you pearly white results.

Enlighten Whitening

In the Enlighten Whitening process is a combination of In-house and home whitening over a 2 week period. ( Up to 16 shades lighter)

  1. Visit the dental practice to get a check-up to make sure you’re dentally fit and to get your teeth 3D scanned for your trays.
  2. Collect your trays when they arrive at the practice and you will receive a whitening gel to accompany these.
  3. Then every night, wear the trays with the gel on them, every night for two weeks.
  4. On the 15th day of your teeth whitening process, you will have an appointment with a dental hygienist/dentist for a final bleaching to get that final high quilty finish.
  5. The bleaching process will break down any remaining staining and discolouration.
Enlighten Teeth Whitening

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!