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We are professional dentists, who strive to provide excellent care and dental services to patients in Hale and surrounding areas in Greater Manchester. Based in Hale, South Manchester, we ensure that every client’s experience within our clinic is safe and stress-free.

About Hale Bowdon Dental Practice

We are a team of highly qualified dentists, who are able to safely provide dental service for our clients in Hale and surrounding areas of Manchester. Our friendliness combined with our knowledge and experience allows us to provide a relaxing environment for all of our clients.

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Cosmetic Dental in Hale

Over time, our teeth can begin to discolour due to different types of foods or drinks we consume. At Hale Bowdon Dental Practice, we can offer our patients white fillings, home whitening kits and white coloured crowns for patients based in Hale.

Emergency Dentists in Hale

If you are suffering from toothache, bleeding, facial swellings, broken teeth or have other emergency dental concerns, we offer our emergency dentists services for patients in Hale and surrounding Manchester.

Orthodontists in Hale

If you are interested in straightening your teeth to obtain your dream smile, Hale Bowdon Dental Practice offers fantastic orthodontist treatments to straighten your teeth. If you are looking for an expert Orthodontist in Hale or surrounding areas of Manchester, get in touch today.

Preventative Dentistry in Hale

Preventative dentistry involves taking care of your teeth and gums to prevent diseases and poor hygiene. This involves regular cleanings, checkups and oral hygiene and dieting advice. For preventative dentistry in Hale, get in touch with us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Dental Practice Hale

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Foods and drinks such as coffee, fizzy drinks, red wine, berries, fruit juices, tomato-based sauces and soy sauce can all cause your teeth to discolour.

Dentistry is the broad term used for oral health and hygiene. Orthodontistry is a speciality within the dentistry field that primarily focuses on the alignment of your teeth, and correcting your bite.

At Hale Bowdon, we offer the fantastic Invisalign retainers for our clients in Hale, and surrounding areas in South Manchester. Invisalign works as an effective alternative to braces by being a clear retainer that aligns your teeth into the correct position.

Our dental implants vary depending on how many implants are required. Our prices for dental implants in Hale start from £2,500.

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We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!